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Writing Tips Wednesday – Chase your Rainbow!

Every Wednesday I’ll be sharing some hints and tips about how to improve your writing. These are basic things I have learned over the years, from writers websites, published authors and constructive feedback from friends, family and online pals.

There is an argument that fiction writing cannot be taught because it comes from talent alone, it is in your nature to be creative. Whilst there is some truth in that, even the most creative person needs to learn how to use their ability and make the best of their craft.

This week: Never give up – follow your instincts!

This weeks topic isn’t so much about the nuts and bolts of writing but the passion, drive and enthusiasm writers have to bind their imagination into words to create amazing worlds and stories.

About a month ago I submitted a short story to Spectacle Publishing, for their inaugural publication fiction contest. You may have read my short story, Straight Shooter. Late last night I received an email from Spectacle, along with a copy of their first eBook anthology entitled On The Brink. My short story was selected to be part of the anthology! I was overjoyed! You can find the eBook on Smashwords. I’ve only read a couple of the other stories and they’re pretty fine!

As you can imagine I’m all smiles and overflowing with proud warm fuzzy feelings! I figured because I hadn’t heard anything back, other than a confirmation email, I was unlucky and my story wasn’t chosen. I never expected my writing to be taken seriously. The feedback I’ve received has been wonderful and I always appreciate it when people take the time to let me know what they think. So I’d like to thank you, dear blog reader, for your kind words, comments and encouragement. They mean a great deal to me.

Writing has and always will be my one true passion, sure I have a day job, but my heart and soul belong to creating worlds to get lost in and characters to love and hate. I’m sure I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again, even if no one ever read anything I write, I’d still do it.

So because of my big smile this WTW is about the passion behind the writing.

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