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Zombie News!

Zombie fans could be in for a treat some time soon! Hollywood seem hell-bent on churning out cute CG garbage as if their on a production line. I enjoyed Shrek 1. It was funny. Shrek 2 was pretty decent. How To Kill Your Dragon was top quality stuff too. Toy Story was okay. After that…meh.  But there’s so much dross out there, anyone heard of Alpha & Omega? No? Not surprised. Mars Needs Moms? Megamind? Hmm. Thought not.

I’m a big fan of zombie movies and it seems there might be an actual decent CG zombie movie on the horizon that bucks the trend of the cute & vomit inducing cuddly chewing gum for the eyeballs junk. Check out this trailer.

I don’t know much more than the blurb I found on YouTube:

A.D. – a CG animated Horror-Adventure written by Haylar Garcia. The movie teaser was directed by Ben Hibon (Codehunters) and produced by Bernie Goldmann (300), Tarik Heitmann and Renee Tab.

RIFT: A New Adventure

RIFTIf you need a break from reality and TV, movies, music or books aren’t doing it for you, I suggest you take a trip to Telara and enter the world of Rift. This game is amazing. It is visually stunning, highly polished and brimming with more fantasy stuff than you can shake a magic wand at! This is pure escapism at its best.

I’m a big fan of MMORPG’s (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) and played World of Warcraft for 4 years until I became bored with the same old junk rehashed in an attempt to keep players subscribing. I loved the lore and the story lines but the endless quests for killing 10 beasties for no other reason but for XP started to get very old. In fact the main reason I found it so appealing was due to the friendships forged, a good many hours were spent laughing till my face hurt. Sadly many people have moved on and I’ve lost touch with most of my online WoW pals.

So I stopped playing WoW about 6 months ago after the Cataclysm expansion. There were some new things to do, and exciting places to explore but the fun had gone out of it. I cancelled my subscription and went back to my writing. I keep a keen interest in up coming MMO’s because I love the story lines and sense of adventure.

There are 3 MMO’s I’ve kept my eye on – Star War: The Old Republic, The Secret World, TERA & finally Rift. I’d seen the in-game videos and scree shots but I wasn’t expecting it to be so good. I’m a bit of a fantasy nerd so this suited me just fine with the lore and magic and epic battles, the virtual world is teaming with life unlike other MMO’s I’ve played. I’m so surprised at how much I’m enjoying the game I thought I’d share some good/bad points with you good blog reader types.

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Writing Challenge: The Shelter

“Hey mister, are you gonna throw more stuff down?”

“Moose, stop shouting,” Clyde hissed to his brother. “We’ve got the mattress don’t we? Maybe we should just help Molly and get outta here before we get into trouble.”

Preston ignored him. “Hey mister!” he shouted, living up to his nickname – he had a loud voice like a Moose honking in the forest. “You said you got more for us.”

“Clyde’s right,” said Molly. She struggled to fit the mattress into the pram and wished her brothers would help her. “C’mon, help me. This thing’s real heavy.”


“Jeez Louise.” Clyde was a nervous kid, always fretting about something. “Molly, let’s shove Moose in there and scatter. They’re gonna call the cops you know.”

“No they won’t,” replied Preston. “Stop being such a poop head.”

“Molly!” gasped Preston. “You hear what he said? Tell him not to call me names.”

“Stop arguing and help me,” Molly snapped at them.

“Hey up there!” Preston yelled.

Clyde gripped the jacket in his hands tight and looked around at the empty street. He tried to not crease it, there would be hell to pay if it got all messed up.

“He knows the place, right Moll?” Clyde asked his sister. “Couldn’t we just go and he can catch up?”

“No!” Molly was losing patience with her younger brothers. “We got to stick together. You heard what they told us.”

“Throw down more stuff will ya!”

“Moose! Please! You’re gonna get us in bad trouble,” Clyde insisted.

Preston glanced at Clyde. “Stop mucking up the jacket,” he scolded.

“Make me.”

“You’re such a dingus,” Preston said. He looked back at the window. “Hey up there! C’mon!”

“Please Moll, do something,” Clyde whimpered.

Molly wedged the mattress into the pram and staggered back. She knocked dust off her clean white blouse. “Moose, there’s no more stuff. It’s all gone.”

Preston was close to tears. There had to be more stuff. They needed it.

“There was loads up there,” Preston said. “What we gonna do with a pram and a stinky mattress?”

Molly stamped over to Preston and stood in front of him. “The pram is for baby Jess and we all take turns with the mattress. We agreed. If you don’t stop shouting I’ll bloody your nose.”

Preston gaped at his sister. “No foolies?”

“No foolies.”

Preston looked trapped between panic and submission. “One last go?”

Molly sighed and held up her index finger. “One.”

Preston sucked in a deep breath. “Mister!!! Throw down more stuff!!”

“Bad trouble,” mumbled Clyde.

A woman’s face appeared in the window. “For the love of Holy Mother Mary, stop shouting!”

Preston pointed to the pram. “We still got lots of room.”

“I can’t,” the woman looked sad. “It’s all gone.”


“They took it all. I’m sorry.”

Preston started to cry. “Even the toys?”

The woman nodded.

That set Clyde off and Molly comforted them.

“Start walking,” said the woman. “Your father and I will meet you at the shelter.”


This short story was inspired by Indigo Spider’s Sunday Picture Press – a challenge to write a 500 word piece of fiction using one of 2 photos as a prompt. I managed to make 500 words exactly. The story was based on a family who have become homeless after the father lost his job and the collectors took away their possessions. I was trying to capture the plight of a suddenly homeless family in the Great Depression in the US. Destitute the family are forced to take refuge in a homeless shelter, but not before the 3 children make a last-ditch effort to salvage anything they could before it was too late.

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