What I’ve Learned Today #2

There is beauty in the world.

I’ve been doing some tag surfing today along with browsing through WordPress Hot Topics. I happened to stumble across a website, very colourful and vibrant, called My Secret Silhouette. It’s not a blog I would normally come across as the theme is adult orientated but a post entitled Our World is Filled with Beauty caught my eye.

The blogger has an inspiring message about how we can all find beauty in the world if we only open our eyes and look for it. Here is a small extract from the post:

Yesterday I was waiting to cross the street in town. On the opposite side of the road was a man in a big blue winter jacket, jeans and boots. He was unshaven and his hair was a mess of dark curls. He looked weathered and hardened by a possible working life outdoors. I didn’t as much study him as notice his obvious larger than life visual appearance. What surprised me was the little girl in a red coat and long brown hair  who was stood next to him. Without looking the girl raised her small hand and slipped it into her dad’s. She sidestepped and leaned against him. There was a brief exchange of eye contact, the girl smiled and they crossed the road when the lights changed to green.

That was an amazing moment for me to witness. She sought his hand out, possibly for reassurance from the loud traffic, or so she wouldn’t get lost or separated in the oncoming crowds. Later when I thought about it I believe the dad wanted that touch just as much as his daughter. Together they were safe, though they had a bond it seemed strengthened in that one moment. Holding hands with a lover as you walk along is lovely, it’s what you want to do but when people reach out for one another there is a need behind it. You need to be touched or you know your other half needs to feel that touch. We lose that feeling along the way, and sometimes never get it back and never experience it again the way we really want, with emotion and togetherness.

I was amazed by how the blogger was able to put her thoughts and feelings into words with such sincerity and emotion. If I could write half stuff half as good as this I’d be a happy chappy! I encourage you to go take a look at this post and read it for yourself. It really is beautiful. I’ve learned that even the smallest gesture can be a thing of wonder and beauty.

Our differences don’t matter.

It takes cataclysmic events for the human race to realise that our differences really don’t mean a thing. We wage war against one another over race or religion or for land, we turn our backs on each other based on the colour of our skin or if our belief system is different.

But when something as devastating as the earthquake and tsunami in Japan comes along it shows just how stupid we really are. So what if one person worships a different god to you, does that matter when you can see your neighbour suddenly homeless and searching for their loved ones? No it does not. Does the colour of your skin prevent you from helping people in distress? No it should not.

Go do a search for tsunami images and look at the faces of those caught up in the devastation. Then ask yourself if you are better than them? Are you so sure that anything you represent or believe in matters THAT much when there are people who have lost everything? Every time there is a massive disaster we hear the same thing on the news: “Our prayers and thoughts are with the people of [insert country here] as they face this challenge.” Or another from politicians: “We send our thoughts and sympathies to the people of [insert country here] and offer any aid we can.”

Why aren’t we doing this all of the time anyway?

There are countless reasons why we behave like jerks to each other and it takes a massive calamity for us to realise how irrelevant these differences truly are. Isn’t it time we just stopped squabbling like children up and got along? I’ve learned that regardless of your race/sex/creed/colour/religion/social standing…and endless list I know, we shouldn’t let our differences get in the way of harmony and peace.

My final thought comes from Our World is Filled with Beauty and a short but apt piece of poetry.

Our world is filled with beauty,

Reach into the life of another,

Push aside their grey and uncover a slither of colour,

Touch them as they want to touch you,

Pause your false facade and just be true,

Make others smile regardless of who they may be,

Pay it forward and they will see,

That the simplest gesture is as follows,

Enjoy the little things,

Cherish each moment,

Love every day.

12 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned Today #2

  1. Hi Noobcake, Excellent writing. I share most of your point of views, specifically why isn’t the help happening every day.

    I love the poem especially the last 3 lines. 🙂

    Enjoy the little things,

    Cherish each moment,

    Love every day.

  2. Hey Jackie, thanks for the comment. It’s all about enjoying what we can and while we can, sure we can plan for the future so long as we don’t forget today.

  3. Loved the post. I agree, I think it is important to look at our similarities to pull us together rather then our difference to push us apart. Everyday, not just when disasters strike.

  4. beautiful post. thank you for blessing me with this today. Also love the image on this post. Incredible colours and imagination.
    walk in beauty.

  5. Hi Joss, welcome and thanks for the comment. I’d love to find where the blogger found the image and get a print done, would make a great canvas print to hang on the wall.

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